What Does It Cost?

What is the ROI and is the Process Complex?

The Stress Management Institute® will optimise your staff’s stress levels to maximise their productivity and increase your bottom line within 12 months, by at least 5%. A guaranteed minimum threefold ROI. To do this:

  • individual programs can be tailored to your budgets and needs – both at an organisational and individual level and it may be more cost effective than you think;
  • we break down our fee structure so that you know what you are paying for and can see the worth of what is provided;
  • the Stress Management Institute® has many clients where their organisation’ productivity and bottom line have dramatically increased;
  • the scientific research is in and details on where to find the relevant papers and a synopsis can be supplied – just ask;
  • for any of Stress Management Institute’s® programs, guaranteed ROIs can be provided, both at the start and at the end of the program; and
  • the Stress Management Institute’s® solutions are easy and quick to learn (from minutes to a day or two) and anyone can do it – ask us for a contact list to verify this