Some of Our Clients and What They Have Said

Many of our clients don’t want their names and their organisations mentioned, but their industry sectors include:

  • manufacturing;
  • health care;
  • professional services;
  • mining;
  • education;
  • hotels and accommodation; and
  • not for profits

And what do some of the CEOs, MDs and participants say:

You Will be Astounded by the Progress Made

“The Stress Management Institute® experience not only provides multiple tools to manage stress, it provides countless opportunities to implement and practice those tools. What sets this apart is the phenomenal (and measurable) improvements we have made in such a short time. To experience the effects of so many cognitive, behavioural and emotional changes in such a short space of time defies logic, but there was an immediate difference, it was real, and I measured the results to confirm it. But don’t just take my word for it, find out for yourself.”

Joshua K
Major Mining Company

My Logical Brain Measures Outcomes

“The Stress Management Institute® has not only provided me with tools to deal with stress in my organisation but has supported the development of an impenetrable positive mindset! My logical business brain would ordinarily dispel this type of content. However, my logical brain couldn’t deny the delivery of the plentiful measurable outcomes. The tools gained are powerful, extremely useful and provide the underpinnings of change and learning. I would recommend their program on numerous levels to achieve just so many business goals.”

Julia K
Training Manager
Not for Profit Organisation
Queensland, Australia

This Has Been the Best Investment Yet!

“Since using their services, our growth has become exponential. Our experience using the techniques, tools and strategies has been the vehicle that helped propel our vision of being able to see everyone under wellness care. We knew we couldn’t do it alone, especially being way out here on the tiny Pacific Ocean island of Guam, far removed from any support. By incorporating the practical applications in our practices, they have guided us into a streamlined system that allows us to focus on patient care. This has been the best investment yet.”

Drs B & R
Health Care Practitioners