Our Services

The Stress Management Institute’s® suite of innovative Workplace Stress Management Services address workplace stress at its source. They are simple, compliant and they work.
We tailor our processes for every organisation, with a focus on diagnostic, analytical and evaluation services, as not all organisations have the same issues.

But typically, we have:

The Diagnostic Phase

Our Diagnostic Phase will firstly tell you the sources, magnitude and effects of stress in your workplace. The quantitative data will detail any Workers Compensation Claims, Lost Time Injuries, Retention Statistics and Absenteeism.

Qualitative data is also obtained from cross-sectional interviewing, direct workplace observations, and Culture and Engagement Surveys.

The Evaluation and Analysis Phase

From the diagnostic phase data, there is an iterative and collaborative Evaluation and Analysis Phase, where findings and recommendations are made.

This phase also incorporates planning for Workplace Stress Management interventions and targeting those actions with the greatest effect, to eliminate or reduce an organisation’s workplace stressors.

The Implementation Phase

The final phase is the implementation of the Stress Management Plan by the Stress Management Institute’s® qualified professionals.