Emotional Resilience Advocate Method™ Certification

The stress epidemic is causing relationships to fail, businesses to falter, and health to suffer. Serious chronic disease has a strong connection with ongoing stress. As an Emotional Resilience Advocate Method™ you can be part of a Best Practice Solution

What is this About?

Workplace and personal stress is gnawing at the very fabric of our society. The workplace has become significantly more complex over the last few years. Mounting expectations have been fuelled by technological innovations, 24/7 work schedules for some and an ever-increasing barrage of information. The changing workplace bombards us with endless distractions from emails, texts, various other messaging programs, conference calls, viral videos and breaking news stories which continually enter our space at an alarming rate. The battle for our attention escalates daily which in turn can easily raise the level of stress.

This training Method will help participants to identify additional workplace and personal stressors, build resilience and mental agility. It provides evidence-based techniques and strategies to develop resourcefulness and ‘grit’ to gain more mastery over stress.

At the Stress Management Institute® (SMI) we have a new proven approach to the stress problem. We have created an intensive short course training to teach, coach and oversee the dissemination of our unique and profoundly practical Method, which is a collection of highly useful techniques and strategies that are equally as effective for prevention as well as for relieving stress.

A Powerful Short Course in Stress Management:

Our Emotional Resilience Advocate Method™ (ERA) training is a core element of all training programs offered by SMI.

Stress management and emotional resilience programs are in high demand in the business world and offer greater value and return on investment rather than workplace and ergonomic assessment alone because of the practical applications. Our training programs are premised on evidence-based science and are professionally developed by the Stress Management Institute®.

This course is also designed for personnel in HR, WH&S and Wellness roles, and those in other positions in organisations who are the ‘go to’ people in stress management and resilience. You will learn how to:

  • Enhance your approach to caring for individuals with evidence-based Best Practice approaches to proactively manage stress, be it personal or in the workplace
  • Support stressed individuals and provide them with simple, sustainable, self-care tools and strategies that work, and in turn people can become self-monitoring. The outcomes have a long-term positive effect on their health and well being, and this directly contributes to their increased productivity

Successful completion of this training Method will provide individuals with concise skills to add value to their current workplace role.

Highly Practical to Serve a Wide Range of Individuals:

The skill set of each graduate allows for the immediate capability and capacity to work with stressed individuals either one-on-one or in small groups. Graduates will be a stabilising force and influence as an Emotional Resilience Advocate Method™.

All materials are provided within the program fees and students receive the additional benefit of having access to SMIs Emotional Resilience for Life Program. This is a 90-week email based tutorial program to follow-up and facilitate student success in building and maintaining new habits.

What’s Involved? This foundational level is the Facilitator qualification. This five-unit concise short course can be undertaken in one of two modes…

In Class: Monday to Friday (5 days). During the training course students will be assessed practically covering the strategic tools needed for immediate use

Online: Our unique customised online learning platform allows the training to be undertaken over a period of three months from a student’s home or workplace.

This program teaches students to develop a sound level of skills to address the ‘stress question’ with foundational techniques.

This proactive view is designed to prevent progression to expensive, reactive and debilitating levels, and extend the beneficial services you provide to your clients or workforce.

The Emotional Resilience Advocate Method™ Facilitator qualification is a solid foundational level of training. Graduates on completing their Certificate may, if they wish, enrol in the next level of Practitioner.


Attainment Level: Facilitator
Nominal Duration of the Course:
In Class: 5 Days
Online: 3 Months Part-time
Course Structure: Five units both academic and skills practice.

  • SMIERAPB Essential Science of Brain, Stress and Emotional Resilience
  • SMIERAPT Identify and Define Stress Triggers
  • SMIERAPS Develop Emotional Resilience Strategies and Tools
  • SMIERAPM Create an Emotional Resilience Mindset
  • SMIERAPW Strategic Wellbeing Integration Planning

Attainment Level: Practitioner
Nominal Duration of the Course:
Online: 3 Months Part-time
Course Structure: Three units both academic and skills practice.

  • SMIERAFG Create and implement goals and life mapping
  • SMIERAFP How to make a group presentation
  • SMIERAPC Provide life coaching techniques to support emotional resilience

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On receiving the Certificate in Emotional Resilience Advocate Method™ – Facilitator level, we are confident that the graduate will be well placed and capable of being the ‘go-to’ person for any company, organisation, or indeed, family, to support and implement the techniques, tools and strategies trained to support others to increase their emotional resilience.

Graduates on completing their Facilitator Certification in Emotional Resilience Advocate Method™ - Method, may, if they wish, enrol in the next level Practitioner.

The qualifications awarded for completion of these trainings are non-accredited and under the auspices of the Stress Management Institute® who are Global Leaders in Stress Management.

"[Stress to Strength] skilfully combines the clinical and scientific based knowledge with the intangible, holistic aspects of the field of Stress Management for wellbeing. These respected leaders in their field are extremely experienced and knowledgeable.
Louise Harrison, Coaching & Workshops, Stress Management and Building Resilience

“Drs John and Judy Hinwood provided me with professional tools, capabilities and confidence to address the manifestations of stress in others—and to overcome my own triggers and sticking points. Their teaching was enlightened, thorough, intelligent and compassionate. I learned so very much and gained the ability to interact with others at a deep level, to assist them to return to calmness and to develop emotional strength and insight. I am endlessly grateful to Judy and John and commend them for their wisdom, integrity and commitment."
Elizabeth Thuan, MA, Reiki Master/Teacher

A supportive and knowledgeable community of inspiring mentors and students exchanging and coaching simple but very effective resilience and stress management tools and strategies based on science. Thank you, John and Judy, for all your wisdom, ongoing support and creating an inspiring and knowledgeable community.
Nadja Conaghan, Corporate Learning Professional

"John and Judy's passion and knowledge make them true leaders in this field. Thank you so much for providing me with lifelong stress management skills to share with others.”
Megan Collier, Megan Collier Coaching

Your Trainers Judy Hinwood & John Hinwood

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ERA – Emotional Resilience Advocate Method™ Course Brochure

ERA – Emotional Resilience Advocate Method™ Course Application Booklet