The Stress Management Institute®

“Much less workplace stress, so much more productivity”

What Does the Stress Management Institute® Do?

Everyone is stressed. If your staff are too stressed, then presenteeism, absenteeism and staff churn follow.

At the Stress Management Institute®, we help those staff who are continually stressed or are on stress leave, to become more productive or return to the workforce.

Relief is now in sight for your staffing and rostering issues, plus your staff will be just so grateful to you for the support.

How Do We Do This?

Since 2013, the Stress Management Institute® has provided online and face to face courses and sessions for stress management, wellbeing and emotional resilience. We:

  • only use evidence-based research which has a proven track record;
  • will give your organisation at least a threefold ROI in maximising your staff’s productivity, which goes straight to the bottom line; and
  • provide a defensible position, for stress claims arising under WH&S and Workcover

Clients Trust The Stress Management Institute®

At the Stress Management Institute, we can prove our claims:

  • Case Studies and testimonials can be supplied;
  • examples of our techniques, tools, training, strategies and intensely practical solutions are available online; and
  • metrics can be supplied which will show how effective Stress Management Institute is

Our Promise to You

Engage with the Stress Management Institute® on a controlled trial basis, to see that we do deliver on what is promised.

And if your organisation doesn’t achieve at least a 5% average productivity increase within 12 months, then we will give you your money back – twice over.

What Next?

At the Stress Management Institute®, we don’t believe in a pressured approach. Call John Hinwood, the Managing Director on +(61) 1300 663 979 and let John have a free, no obligation coffee, in person or virtually, with you to see if the Stress Management Institute® can help.

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